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Our Plumbing Examples and The Revolutionary Solution for Clear Blocked Drains

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Our Plumbing Examples and The Revolutionary Solution for Clear Blocked Drains



Recently, we've received a significant influx of calls from customers experiencing blocked drains, these urgent requests often require immediate assistance as water backs up posing a significant threat of damage to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Check out our latest stories and posts on our instagram page for some extra photos we've posted about the amazing causes of blocked drains. We're always surprised to find what can make it's way down a drain.

In this article we'll cover three examples from our last few weeks emergency plumbing in Melbourne. We'll also cover a couple of tools and ideas we use to unblock drains when an emergency strikes. Looking at how we use Water Jets and inspection cameras (CCTV). We delve into how Melbourne Plumbing Co. leverages these tools to provide quick, efficient, and safe solutions for blocked drains, ensuring your plumbing system remains in optimal condition.

Kitchen Sink Blockage

It seems like our client's kitchen sink and dishwasher decided to throw their own little gathering - a clog party, to be precise! In this emergency plumbing situation in Melbourne, our reliable air snake and drain snake came to the rescue, allowing us to play detective and unearth the root of the problem: a tangled mass of soap and dirt, almost like a misguided treasure hunt. We transformed into plumbing superheroes, venturing into the external drain inspection point to save their appliances from this chaotic tangle. It's surprising how a kitchen can become the scene of such a disorderly event. But worry not, the blockage has been conquered, and their sink and dishwasher have been restored to their gleaming, soap-free condition.

Blocked Kitchen Drain

Toilet Blockage

As it happens, the client's toilet was the object of an unexpected affection - a cunning root stirring up trouble! Our dependable CCTV camera allowed us to catch the source of the issue in the act (or, more accurately, green-rooted?). It appears our toilet had a not-so-hidden admirer after all! Sometimes we call these CCTV cameras inspection cameras as you'll see from our solution to clean drains write up below.

Blocked Toilet

Bathroom Sink Drains

Melbourne Plumbing Co specialises in handling all kinds of plumbing issues. This one is a bathroom drain that's been blocked up over the years.

Understanding the challenges of a blocked drain

From accumulated hair and soap scum in bathroom sinks to food particles and grease in kitchen drains, the causes are numerous. These blockages can lead to slow water drainage, unpleasant odors, and in severe cases, backing up of sewage, which poses health risks and potential property damage.

Water Jetter and Inspection Camera

  • Water Jetter: This high-pressure water jetting system is designed to effectively clear blockages within pipes. Unlike traditional methods that might only punch holes through the blockage, water jetters can completely remove the obstruction and clean the inner walls of the pipes. This not only solves the immediate problem but also helps in preventing future blockages by eliminating buildup that could lead to new clogs.
  • Inspection Camera: As you can see from above a key aspect of our approach is not just to clear the blockage but to understand its cause. That's where the inspection camera comes in. This high-tech tool allows our technicians to visually inspect the conditions of the drains from the inside. By pinpointing the exact location and nature of the blockage, we can tailor our approach to ensure the most effective removal and offer advice on avoiding similar issues in the future.

If you've got these tools at your disposal great. But if you don't and you just need the problem to go away that's when we'd recommend a qualified emergency plumber.

We'll provide four key outcomes for you:

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: The combination of water jetting and camera inspection speeds up the process of identifying and clearing blockages, saving valuable time and reducing the inconvenience to property owners.
  • Cost-Effective: By addressing the root cause of blockages and thoroughly cleaning the pipes, we help prevent recurrent issues, saving you money on future plumbing repairs.
  • Environmental Safety: Our methods are safe for your pipes and the environment. The use of high-pressure water rather than chemicals to clear blockages means a safer solution for everyone.
  • Peace of Mind: With our advanced tools and experienced technicians, you can rest assured that your plumbing issues are being addressed by the best in the business. We provide clear insights into the condition of your drains and offer practical solutions to keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly.

These will give you the confidence that the problem is resolved and you don't need to continue to monitor and use your own time to try to figure out what's going wrong. Worst still the longer you leave a problem the bigger the risk becomes of damage.

We provide blocked drain work and emergency plumbing throughout the Melbourne CBD area as well as in the following suburbs. Here's just a few suburbs worth mentioning but certainly not limited in the Melbourne area to these. Where ever you are in the Melbourne area give us a call and we'll get someone straight out to you.

Emergency Plumber Aberfeldie, Coburg, Essendon, Flemington, Moonee Ponds, Pascoe Vale and Travancore

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