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Leaking Taps

Leaking Tap

Do you have a dripping tap in your home? A leaking tap may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can waste litres of water over time, increasing your water bill and potentially causing damage to your plumbing system.

If you're dealing with a leaking tap, you need fast, efficient, and professional service to fix the problem. That's where Melbourne Plumbing Co comes in.

At Melbourne Plumbing Co, we're committed to providing great service and high-quality plumbing solutions to customers across your suburb and surrounding areas. We understand the inconvenience and frustration that comes with the constant drip of a leaking tap, and we're here to help. Our team of skilled and experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose the cause of your leaking tap and provide the necessary repairs to fix it in a short time frame.

If you're experiencing a leaking tap, don't hesitate to contact Melbourne Plumbing Co. Our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency plumbing services. We'll work with you to schedule a convenient appointment time, and our plumbers will arrive on time and be ready to work to fix your leaking tap.

If you have a leaking tap, we can fix it!

Our services include replacing old washers, jumper valves, body washers, and any other replacement parts required to fix your tap. We can also repair or replace tap handles, spouts, and plugs, ensuring that your tap and sink is functioning correctly and efficiently. If you're not sure what type of tap you have, we can identify it and recommend the correct replacement parts for your specific model. If the leaking tap is in your laundry, at your water meter, hot water system, your bathroom tap, a mixer tap at your kitchen sink, at your water main, or anywhere else in your home or business, then contact Melbourne Plumbing Co today. if you have a leaking tap, our repair service is second to none.

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We'll Save you Time and Money

Even if you're the DIY type but don't feel confident to fix a leaky tap yourself, we recommend contacting Melbourne Plumbing Co, especially if this is your first time attempting to fix a tap. We suggest leaving it to the professionals to avoid causing further damage. We can fix your leaking tap efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you time, money, and water in the long run. We'll save you the hassle of visiting your local hardware store to try and find the correct o-ring or correct sized tap washer to replace that old washer, and dealing with messy silicone or tap lubricant. You won't have to dig through your toolbox trying to find the correct size spanner, wrench, screwdriver or pair of pliers just to loosen that tap handle to install the new washer!

A leaking tap can waste thousands of litres of water per year. That's a significant amount of water that can be saved with a simple tap repair. Additionally, a leaking tap can also affect your water supply and water pressure, potentially causing more significant problems down the line, as well as causing structural damage and risking the growth of mould. That's why it's important to address a leaking tap as soon as possible.


We fix more than just Leaking Taps

In addition to our leaking tap repair services, we also offer other services to help keep your home or business running smoothly. From fixing blocked drains to installing new plumbing fixtures, our team of plumbers has the expertise to handle any job, big or small.

We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. If you're experiencing a plumbing emergency, don't hesitate to give us a call, and we'll dispatch a plumber to your location as soon as possible.

At Melbourne Plumbing Co, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality workmanship. We believe that a job isn't done until our customer is completely satisfied with the work. That's why we stand behind our work and believe it's second to none.

So if you're in need of tap repair or any other plumbing services in your area, contact Melbourne Plumbing Co today. Our fast, professional, and efficient service will get you back up and running in no time. Whether it's your first time dealing with a leaking tap or you're a repeat customer, we're here to provide you with the exceptional customer service and quality workmanship you deserve.

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Our Commitment

If you're dealing with a leaking tap in your home or business, Melbourne Plumbing Co is the best company to contact for fast, professional, and efficient service. Our team of skilled and experienced plumbers can diagnose and repair your tap quickly, saving you water and preventing potential damage to your plumbing system. 

At Melbourne Plumbing Co, we're committed to providing great service and high-quality solutions to customers. If you're dealing with a leaking tap, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We'll provide fast, professional, and efficient service to fix your tap and ensure that your plumbing system is functioning at its best.

When you contact us, you can trust that we'll arrive on time, assess the situation, and provide you with a transparent and honest assessment of the nature of the repair.

What Causes a Leaking Tap?

A leaking tap can be a nuisance in any home, and it can also waste a considerable amount of water over time, increasing your water bills. There are several reasons why a tap may leak, and it's essential to identify the cause to determine the best course of action for repair.

Old Washers
The washer is a small rubber component located inside the tap's valve, responsible for creating a watertight seal when the tap is turned off. Over time, the washer can become worn out or damaged, causing water to leak out. In this case, replacing the washer is usually a simple and cost-effective repair.

Valve Seat
A possible cause of a leaking tap is a corroded or damaged valve seat. If the valve seat becomes corroded or damaged, it can prevent the washer from creating a proper seal, leading to a leak.

Damaged Faucet
The faucet is the visible part of the tap that you turn to control the water flow. If the faucet becomes damaged or worn out, it can cause water to leak out of the tap. In some cases, replacing the entire faucet may be necessary to stop the leak.

Water Pressure
Water pressure can also cause a tap to leak. When it's is too high, it can put excess strain on the tap's internal components, causing them to wear out or become damaged over time. If we suspect that this is causing your tap to leak, it may be necessary to install a reduction valve to regulate the water force and prevent further damage.


How do you fix a dripping tap?
To fix a dripping tap, you first need to turn off the water supply to the tap. Then, disassemble the tap and inspect the components to identify the faulty part. Common causes of a leaking tap include worn out washers, O-rings, or valve seats. We recommend contacting Melbourne Plumbing Co if you are not experienced with this kind of repair.
What causes a tap to keep dripping?

The most common causes include worn-out washers, O-rings, or valve seats, a faulty cartridge or ceramic disc, loose or damaged parts, or high water pressure. In some cases, a leaking tap may also be due to corrosion or mineral build-up inside the tap.

Why should a leaking tap be repaired immediately?

A leaking tap can waste a significant amount of water, increasing your water bills and causing damage to your property over time. In addition, the constant drip can be annoying and disrupt your daily routine. If left unrepaired, a leaking tap can also lead to further damage to the tap and the surrounding fixtures, resulting in more expensive repairs.

Is a dripping tap serious?

A dripping tap can lead to serious consequences over time. A leaking tap wastes water, which not only increases your utility bills but also contributes to water scarcity. Additionally, it can cause damage to the surrounding area, such as water stains or mould growth, which can be hazardous to your health.

Should I call a plumber for a dripping tap?

While some people may attempt to fix a faulty tap themselves, it is often best to call a professional plumber. A plumber can quickly and effectively identify the cause of the leak and provide a lasting solution. Attempting to remove a tap handle and fix a leaking tap yourself can lead to further damage to the tap or surrounding fixtures, resulting in more expensive repairs.

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